Innovative service that allows its users to book warehouse space allover Europe

We built the app from begging, developing beatiful intuitve ui’s, payment mechanisms and managment panels to create one of the most grownig online buisnesses in warehousing sector.


Application works similarly to but in terms of warehousing. Whole reservation process – starting with warehouse selection and ending with online payment and accounting – is made online. Besides quick bookings there is also a Tender feature that’s lets users make bigger deals injustice a few clicks.


Warehouses in Europe


Happy customers

The process

Team Creation: creation required full-stack developers under a dedicated project manager. Unide filled the talent and knowledge gap in weeks where the company would have needed months to do so. The line-up included a System Architect, a Lead Developer, 2 Full-stack Developers and UI/UX designer. They joined ranks under their PO’s leadership to create a team strongly connected with their business development.

Technology choice

React (frontend), Typescript, and Lagom micro service framework in Scala connected to Cassandra Database. Everything deployed to clients AWS infrastructure using Kubernetes.


First version came out after 6 months of research and development. Our team helped the client clarify the goals and change the objective to technological task for the developers.

The next step

After going live, our team helped to fulfill customer needs and request and business changes. For two years we build multiple new functionalities making one of a kind tool, winning European Logistics competitions.

Create your new project and become a success just like did

For over 4 years, tech leaders from 10 industries entrusted Unide engineers with refactoring, development, and cloud computing works.

Work only with scalable technologies

Expect a software solution designed for stability, usability, and scalability thanks to next-gen technologies used at Unide: microservices, and cloud computing

Skillfull professionals available

People with the skill set your project needs are within reach – developers, cloud engineers, DevOps, architects, and product designers